Getting a Plumbing Repair ASAP if You Have a Leaky Faucet

Why You Should Fix a Leaky Faucet Promptly

A leaking faucet is a bigger concern than it appears at first glance. While diagnosing and repairing the leaky faucet may be very simple, ignoring the leak may have catastrophic implications. According to the EPA, a leaking faucet is the most common plumbing problem. Getting a plumbing repair as soon as possible to fix the leak can save nearly 10% on water consumption. Ignoring the problem could be squandering hundreds of gallons of water per month. The leak not only costs you money, but it also harms the environment.

Speaking of which, the main causes for a leaky faucet are the following:

O Ring Issues

The O Ring is tiny in the faucet stem, which holds the handle in place. Leaks in the faucet or at the handle may occur when the O Ring wears. If the homeowner has some basic plumbing expertise, he can often replace the O Ring with ease.

Corrosion and Sediment

If sediment accumulates within the faucet, it might cause corrosion and lead to a leak. Any leak near the faucet’s spout region could indicate corrosion in the faucet connections. Cleaning out the sediment regularly helps avoid corrosion.

Faulty Washer

A faulty washer could create a leak. The washer is subjected to much pressure, which causes wear and tears over time. Worn and improperly placed washers can cause a leaking faucet.

Worn Out Seals

Sediment, once again, contributes to the weakening of inlet and outlet seals. To remedy the issue of a leaky faucet, you should frequently clean the sediment or replace the seal.

Loose Parts/ Broken Plumbing

In another area of the system, the fixture may be faulty, have loose parts, or even have broken plumbing. This is rare, but it can happen and produce a leak.

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